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Latest Release  v2016.1.6
 December 28, 2016

Visual Reminders Features

Visual Reminders Visual Reminders is a windows application used to create reminders customized with pictures and audio.

How can Visual Reminders help me?

Use Visual Reminders

  • to display a reminder notification that has a large picture and automatically plays a previously recorded message (phone only)
  • to schedule a single reminder that can repeat on different days and times
  • to support individuals who benefit from visual cues to remember appointments
  • when you want an indication that a reminder has been delivered and acknowledged by the user

wash dishes notification on the phone feed the cat notification on the tablet

a notification on the Desktop or Tablet

Live Tiles

Individual reminders can be "pinned" to the start screen with a Live Tile so that the user can easily see upcoming reminder times. An application-wide setting, allows you to choose to display the times as text or as pictures:

tiles with text

Start screen tiles with upcoming times in text

tiles with icons

Start screen tiles with upcoming times indicated with icons

Month View

With a quick glance, you can see when during the month a reminder is scheduled.

month view

Monthly view of upcoming reminder times


Create as many reminders as you like. For each reminder you can:
  • Select a picture
  • Record audio that will play each time a reminder notification is delivered
  • Select multiple days and times for the reminder to be delivered

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