Latest Release 4.5.1 
 June 2, 2016

Visual Steps Features

Visual Steps is a Windows Phone application used to create checklists of prompted steps, including video models, for potentially challenging tasks.  You control the granularity of the steps and the frequency and type of prompting.  Task definitions can be shared amongst a group or tailored to the needs of a particular individual.
Task List

How can Visual Steps help me?

Use Visual Steps

  • as a training tool to teach complex multi-step jobs
  • as a quality control tool to maintain performance once a job has been mastered 
  • as a visual record of what a job entails for use by support staff
  • to reduce the level of support needed by users who may need to be reminded of the next step to complete an activity.

Easy to Use

Individual tasks can be "pinned" to the start screen with a Live Tile so that the user can launch a task from the Windows Phone Start Screen by tapping on a photo.

When a pinned task is interrupted or completed the task's Live Tile will be updated with status information (count of steps remaining, when the task was interrupted, when the task was last completed, how long it took to complete the task).  Tasks that have been interrupted can be resumed from their Live Tile.
Front Back
paused tile front paused back
tile completed tile back
Paused Task

Each step in the task is clearly depicted with text, audio, image and video.

  • When the current step has been completed, the next step automatically scrolls to the top of the screen and is highlighted.
  • Audio, previously recorded, will play regularly until the user indicates the step is done.
  • If video has been added to the step, the user can play it at will or the video can be set to play automatically.
  • A visual countdown timer can be associated with each step.
  • A vertical progress bar provides a visual indication of how much of the task has been completed.

Run a task

The presentation of the list of steps is intentionally minimalistic and forgiving to facilitate errorless use.  For example, scrolling of the steps can be limited so that only the current, previous and next steps are accessible at any one time.

The list of steps can be scrolled forward at any time to see future steps and to play the audio and/or video associated with a step.  Conversely, the list can be scrolled backward to a previously completed step to make it the current step.

All content can easily be created on the phone from within the application. An "Undo" capability is provided when editing content so that each change can be reverted. Local help is available on each page.


Visual Steps supports up to 25 groups (categories) each containing 25 tasks. Each task can have from 1 to 25 steps. A single task can be a member of multiple groups.

For each step in a task you can:
  • Systematically fade the Audio prompt by adjusting how frequently the prompt plays or even muting the prompt
  • Systematically fade the Video model by increasing the delay of the automatic start of the video

Share Your Content

With a OneDrive account, users can upload the content of any task to a Visual Steps directory .  Tasks which have been copied to the OneDrive can be downloaded to any phone where Visual Steps is installed.