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Latest Release  v2017.6.1
 June 21, 2017

Visual Timers Features

Visual Timers Visual Timers is a Windows 10 app used to create countdown timers that are animated to show the passage of time.
Timer counting down on phone

The "Break Time" timer will start automatically when the "Work" timer completes

How can Visual Timers help me?

Use Visual Timers

  • make the abstract concept of the passage of time concrete
  • keep a timer "always on top" of other windows
  • run several timers in sequence (e.g. pomodoro)
  • run multiple count downs at once
  • give meaning to a timer by associating it with a picture and audio recording

Timer counting down on phone

Multiple timers counting down at the same time

Start Screen with list of timers

Timer duration can be from 5 seconds to 12 hours

Easy to Use

Each timer is clearly depicted with text, color, and picture.

  • Large play and stop buttons to control the timer
  • Repeat button to turn on/off continuous repeat
  • "Next" button to stop the current timer and move on to the next timer in a sequence
  • "Undo" changes when editing
  • Local help is available on each page

Countdown timer running

App automatically adjusts to accommodate different screen sizes

Live Tiles

  • Individual timers can be "pinned" to the start screen with a Live Tile so that the user can launch a timer from the start screen by tapping on a photo.
  • When a pinned timer is interrupted or completed the timer's Live Tile will be updated with status information (when the timer is scheduled to complete).
  • A timer that has been interrupted, by leaving the app during the count down, continues to run and the user can return to the running countdown from the Live Tile.
  • Whenever a running timer is interrupted, a toast notification is scheduled for when the count down completes.

Front Back
running tile front running tile back
Timer notification
Timers pinned to the start screen

Timers pinned to the Start screen on Windows 10


Create as many timers as you like. For each timer you can:
  • Set the color of the animated count down bar
  • Select a picture
  • Record audio that will play each time a count down is started
  • Choose a sound to play when the count down completes
  • Choose a timer to automatically start when the current timer completes

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