Latest Release 4.5.1
 June 2, 2016

Visual Steps Getting Started

Visual Steps When Visual Steps starts, you are immediately brought to the how to page. The how to page contains a list of tasks for a single group.

Two groups ("Food" and "Wash") and two tasks ("Eggs" and "Brush Teeth") are included as samples that you can edit or delete.

How To Page

You select a task by tapping on the photo for the task.

Run a Task

After you have selected a task on the how to page, the steps in the task will be displayed. The current step will be highlighted with a purple border around the photo and a round purple button next to the photo.  Once you have completed the step, tap on the round button to the right of the photo to mark the step as completed.   At any point in time, you can play the audio for a step (if audio has been recorded) by tapping on the green speaker icon.  At any time you can play the video for a step (if video has been recorded) by pressing and holding the photo for the step.

Running a Task

Add Your Own Content

To start adding your own content you can either edit one of the sample tasks or create a new task.  Use the  links below to go to detailed instructions for creating a new task.  To help get you started, the section below describes how to edit the Blank task.

  1. Create a Task
  2. Add Steps
  3. Add Video
  4. Share a Task
  5. Grouping Tasks

Edit the Sample Task

  • On the how to page press the Settings button
  • On the settings page, check Edit mode on
  • Go back to the how to page
  • Tap the Edit button  to go to the edit task List page 
  • On the edit task list page tap on the Blank task to select it
Select Task to edit
  • Set characteristics of the Blank task (Edit a Task Instructions)
  • Save your changes
  • Tap on the Steps button to go to the edit step list page   
  • On the edit step list page tap on Step 1 to select it
  • Set characteristics for Step 1 (Edit a Step Instructions)
  • Save your changes for Step 1
  • Go back to the edit step List page
  • Go back to the edit task page
  • Go back to the edit task List page
  • Go back to the how to page
Select Task to edit