Latest Release 4.5.1
  June 2, 2016

Visual Steps - Grouping Tasks

Visual Steps Groups are used to organize Tasks into categories.  A single task can be a member of many groups. The how to page displays the tasks of a single group.  The icon in the top right corner of the page tells you which group is currently active.

  1. To change the currently selected group, tap on the group icon at the top of the how to page.

    How To

  2. A popup is displayed containing a list of all of the groups. Select a group by tapping on the icon for the group. Tap the Check button to close the popup when you have selected the group you want.

    Select Group 1 Select Group 2

To create and edit groups, select the edit groups menu item on the how to page.

How To Defaut
  1. The groups are listed at the top of the page (swipe to the left or to the right to move through the list).  Select a group by tapping on it in the list.

    Group Admin Settings

  2. The name, color and icon for the selected group are displayed at the bottom of the page.  The settings for the selected group can be changed using the Name, Color, and Icon, controls.
  3. To see the tasks that are members of this group, tap on the Member Tasks button.
  4. A popup displays the tasks that have been created in all of the groups (box on the left) and the tasks that are members of the currently selected group (box on the right).  Tasks that are not members of the current group can be added to the group by dragging them from the list of All Tasks to the group list.

    Group Member Tasks

  5. When you are finished viewing and adding member tasks, close the pop up by tapping the Close button.