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Latest Release  v2016.1.6
 December 28, 2016

Visual Reminders Getting Started

Visual Reminders When you first start Visual Reminders you are brought to the home page. This page has a list of reminders and the month view for the selected reminder.
Month View Start Page List

Visual Reminders home page

Tap on the hamburger menu to navigate to other pages.

App navigation

App Navigation

Edit a Reminder

To start adding your own content you can either edit the sample reminder or create a new reminder.

  1. Select the reminder you want to edit from the list
  2. Select the edit page edit

Visual Features of the Reminder

  • Enter a new title and a subtitle. These will be displayed on the notification. If you want the delivery time to also be displayed on the notification, check the box.
  • Tap on the picture to select a different picture from your local device or one drive.
  • Select a color from the list

    Reminder visual features

    Title, picture, color (used in the calendar)

  • You can include a button on the notification that the user can tap to send a predefined email message to a predefined email address.

    Reminder visual features

    Email Button


  • Select either a one-time reminder or a repeating reminder. For a one-time reminder you need only specify a data and time.
  • For a repeating reminder, select how frequently you want the reminder to trigger and when you want the repetitions to end (either by a specific count or by a date).
  • For a repeating reminder you will also need to specify the days and times of the week that you want the reminder to run.

    Reminder visual features

    Specify schedule


A pre-recorded message can be played when the reminder is displayed (on phone only).

Reminder audio features

Record a Message


At any point in time you can run a test to see how your reminder will look by pressing the "Test" button in the command bar. Additionally, edits can be undone by pressing the "Undo" button in the command bar. When you are done making your changes, press the save button in the command bar.