Latest Release 4.5.1
January 2, 2016

Visual Steps - Add Steps to a Task

Visual Steps

When Visual Steps is started, the how to page is displayed. To add and edit steps to a Task the application must be in edit mode.

  1. To enter edit mode, tap on the Settings button.
  2. On the settings page, check edit mode to turn it on.
  3. Return to the how to page.
  4. The edit button is now enabled. Tap on the Edit button which will take you to the Edit Task List page.
  5. On the Edit Task List page select the Task you want to edit by tapping it.  This will take you to the Edit Task page.
  6. On the Edit Task page tap on the Steps button .  This will take you the Edit Step List page.
  7. Tap on the New Step button twice to add 2 steps.  Steps are always added to the bottom of the list, so you may need to scroll downto see the new step.  Below is a screen shot taken after the 2 steps were added

    list of steps

  8. To the right of each step is a handle that you can drag up or down to change the step's position in the list.
  9. Tap on Step 1 to edit it.  The Edit Step page is displayed (refer to the diagram below).
  10. Give Step 1 a new title, associate a photo with the step, record audio that will play when the step becomes current and will repeat at every prompt interval:
    1. Tap the title box and type in a new title.
    2. Exit the keyboard.
    3. Tap on the Photo button  to go to the pictures hub.
    4. After you have selected a picture you can edit it by tapping the Crop button.   
    5. On the crop page you can zoom in on your picture and select the region of the picture that you want to keep (drag the photo until the section you want is contained within the rectangle).
    6. Tap the record button again to start recording.
    7. Tap the record button again to stop recording.   A green speaker icon  has been added to the photo of the step to indicate that audio will play when the photo is tapped.
    8. The Undo button undoallows you to undo the last change made.  If you tap the Undo button at this point, the green speaker icon will disappear indicating that audio has been removed.  Once you save, saveyour changes cannot be undone.
    9. Set the prompt interval for the audio by dragging the slider to the left or right.  Alternatively, tap the slider to change the interval by 10 seconds for each tap.
    10. Add an automatic countdown timer for the step by setting a countdown time countdown
    11. Save your changes by tapping the save button.  save
beat eggs step

Watch a video of the process for adding steps to a task