Latest Release 4.5.1
 June 2, 2016

Visual Steps - Add a Video Model

Visual Steps  Starting with Visual Steps version 4.0 (Windows Phone 8.1 only), you can add any video on the phone's camera roll to a task or step. Additonally, you can capture a new photo or video while still in the Visual Steps app.

Windows Phone 8.1

When you are editing a step in visual steps, select the video button to go to the Video selection and Settings page. Here you will see a list of all of the videos that have been added to the Visual Steps video library and are available to add to your step. To choose a video from your camera roll or to capture a new video tap on the search button. Select settings page

Edit Step Video Edit Step Video Library

Choose a video from the locations on your phone, or tap the camera button Select settings page to capture a new video.

Edit Step Video Library

Once you have selected a video, the name of the video will be displayed at the top of the page. To play this video, tap the play button Select settings page at the bottom of the page. To use this video for the step, tap the save button. Select settings page To leave with out making a selection press the cancel button. Select settings page

Edit Step Video Library

Videos can be played automatically when a step becomes current. To choose this option, go to the Video Settings tab. If you choose to automatically start a video, you will also have the option to delay the automatic start of the video by up to 5 minutes.

Edit Step Video Library

Windows Phone 7.1 and 8.0

Videos used in Visual Steps must be downloaded from a OneDrive account and stored in a Visual Steps Local folder.  A typical scenario to create a video would be:

  1. capture video on your phone using your phone's camera
  2. save the video to your phone's camera roll 
  3. select the "share on OneDrive" option to upload the video from your phone's camera roll to your OneDrive account.  

The following instructions describe how  you use the Visual Steps application to copy video from your OneDrive account and then use that video in a Task or Step.   

  1. Tap on the Visual Steps Settings button Select settings page to get to the Administration panel.
  2. Swipe to the left until you reach the SkyDrive page:

    OneDrive Login

  3. You should only access the OneDrive when WiFi is enabled to avoid charges to your phone's data plan and because the transfer of files will be quicker.  (In the screenshots WiFi is disabled, which is an artifact of how the screenshots were created).  You turn on WiFi from the Windows Phone settings page (which you access from the Windows Phone Start screen).
  4. Sign in to your OneDrive account by tapping on the Sign In button.
  5. If you have never signed in to your OneDrive account from Visual Steps, you will be asked to first login to your OneDrive account.  If you do not have a OneDrive account, you can get a free account by going to, Get OneDrive.  If you have previously logged in before, you will only be asked to confirm that Visual Steps is allowed to access files on your OneDrive account.

    SkyDrive Login    SkyDrive access

  6. Once you have logged in, the OneDrive page will be updated to include a list of all of your albums on the OneDrive that contain videos:

    OneDrive albums

  7. Tap on an album in the list to select it (for our example, we selected the Mobile Uploads album).
  8. The videos in the OneDrive album are listed at the top of the page ( Mobile Uploads ).  Videos that have been previously downloaded to Visual Steps storage are listed in the bottom of the page ( Local ):

    List of contents of one OneDrive Album

  9. Tap on the download button next to a OneDrive video Download Symbol to copy the video from the SkyDrive to your local storage.

  10. Downloading a video can take a long time and depends on the speed of your connection and the availability of the OneDrive service.  For this reason, we recommend that you try to limit the size of the videos you use in Visual Steps to 20 MB. 

    Downloading video

  11. Once the video has downloaded the name of the video will be in the Local list at the bottom of the page.  At this point, you can play the video by tapping the play button Tap play video button 

    video downloaded

  12. Go back to the Administration panel back button  
  13. Swipe to the right to go to the Local page.  This page contains a list of all of the videos you have downloaded to Visual Steps.  You can play or delete videos from this page.

    local videos

  14. Additionally, you can remove all of the Tasks you have created in Visual Steps by tapping the Reset button reset button. However you should only do this if you want to erase all of your content and return to the factory installed state.  The Reset button does not remove the local copies of your videos.
  15. Return to the task and step that you want to add video to.  In the screenshot below you can see that the step does not have video associated with it (none.wmv is a temporary placeholder)

    edit step

  16. Tap on the video button video symbol to go to the Select Video page.  Tap on the name of the video (in this example Mom2_WP_20130224_015.mp4) to select it.  The video can be set to play automatically from 2 to 300 seconds after the step becomes current.  Save your changes and return to the edit page.

    select video for step

  17. The name of the video is now displayed on the edit step page.  A green video icon Edit step after video has been added has been added to the photo for this step which indicates that video is available for this step. A green automatic start icon automatic start iconhas been added to the photo to indicate that the video will start automatically when this step becomes current.  You can press and hold the photo for this step to play the video.

    view completed step

  18. If you want to remove the video from this step, swipe the name of the video to the right Swipe Right. The name will be reset to none.wmv.
  19. Save your changes by tapping on the Save button Save changes
Watch a video of the process for adding video to a task or step in a task