Latest Release 4.5.1 
 June 2, 2016

Visual Steps - Create a Task

Visual Steps

When Visual Steps is started the how to page is displayed. To add and edit tasks the application must be in edit mode.  This prevents users from accidentally making changes to tasks.

Enter Edit Mode

  1. To enter edit mode, tap on the Settings button. settings button
  2. On the settings page, check edit mode to turn it on.
  3. Return to the how to page.
  4. The edit button is now enabled.  Tap on the Edit button which will take you to the Edit Task List page.
  5. On the Edit Task List page you can add new tasks by tapping on the New Task button new task button. A new task, "Task2", has been added to the top of the list. Tap on Task2 to select and edit it.

    Tap new task button Tap new task button

  6. Task2 will be displayed on the Edit Task page.

    Edit Task Screen

Change Title, Audio and Photo

  1. Give Task2 a new title, associate a photo with the task, record audio that will play when the user selects the task and pin the task to the start screen (for the following directions, refer to the picture below)
  2. Tap the title box and type in a new title.
  3. Exit the keyboard.
  4. Tap on the Photo button photo button to go to the pictures hub.
  5. After you have selected a picture you can edit it by tapping the Crop button. crop button  
  6. On the crop page you can zoom in on your picture and select the region of the picture that you want to keep (drag the photo until the section you want is contained within the rectangle).
  7. Tap the record button record button on to start recording audio that will play when the task is selected.
  8. Tap the record button again record button off to stop recording.
  9. A green speaker icon speaker icon  has been added to the photo of the Task to indicate that audio will play when the photo is tapped.
  10. Save your changes by tapping on the save button. save button

edit task details screenshot

Add Steps

Tap on the steps button to add steps to the task. steps button See Add Steps for detailed instructions on how to add steps.

Change Membership in Groups

Swipe to the groups Panel to make changes to the membership of this task in different groups.  The Groups panel shows all of the groups that the task is a member of.  The group surrounded by the gray box is the current group. To make changes to the membership, tap the change membership button. change membership button

edit task details groups page

Each group that the task, "Fruit" in this case, is a member of is marked with the "member" indicator. group member To add the task to a group, drag the picture of the task down to the group.

drag task to group button drag task to group button

Please note that you cannot change the membership of the task in the currently active group (in this case "Food")from this page.

You can only remove a task from the current group by returning to the Task List page and swiping the task to the right.  Also, you cannot remove a task from the group if that task is the only member of the group.  Instead, you must delete the entire group.  See Grouping Tasks .

Task Fruit added to Group A delete task from group

Change Video

Go back to the Edit Task page, and swipe the page to get to the video panel. To add a video the task, tap on the name of the video you would like to add.

Select a video

The presence of the green movie icon on the photo indicates that video will play when the user presses and holds the Snack picture.  Specifically, the video "pistachios video.mp4" will play.

To remove the video, "pistachios video.mp4" , tap the remove button. delete video buttonTo switch to another one of the available videos, tap on the name of the video.  At any point, you can preview one of the available videos by tapping the play button play video next to the name of the video.

Video has been attached to task