Visual Steps - Hints and Tips


  • All of the functionality of Visual Steps is available over a WiFi connection.  Telephone service is not required.
  • Visual Steps will run on low memory (512 MB) phones. However, if you plan on using videos in Visual Steps, then be aware that those videos will consume memory on the phone.
  • For best performance, videos should be a maximum of 100 MB in size. If you plan on using a video model for many of the steps in your task, we recommend purchasing a phone with a minimum of 8 GB of memory.


  • Tasks should be backed up to the OneDrive when they are first created and whenever they are modified. 
    1. To backup a task, go to the "How To" page and select the Settings button.
    2. Then select the OneDrive tab.  Login to your OneDrive account.
    3. Select Share
    4. Drag the task from the phone list to the OneDrive list. Detailed directions for copying a task to the OneDrive
  • As you copy tasks to the OneDrive, the VisualStepsShare folder on the OneDrive can become cluttered with older versions of your tasks.  You can create a "clean" directory, that only contains the most recent version of your tasks, by renaming the VisualStepsShare directory on the OneDrive (for example, to VisualStepsShare_December2013).  Now run Visual Steps, and copy each task to the OneDrive.  Because there is no VisualStepsShare directory on the OneDrive, the application will create a new one.
  • If you do a hard reset of your phone, all of the curriculum (task definitions and videos) you have created in Visual Steps will be erased.  Therefore, you should copy all of your tasks to the OneDrive before doing a phone reset: 
    1. After the reset, you will need to create each of your Task Groups on the phone, and then copy the tasks from the OneDrive to a group.
    2. If a single task was in more than one group, you should only copy the task from the OneDrive once.
    3. Then use the Member Tasks capability on the Group Admin page to make the Task a member of other groups.
    4. You will then need to copy all of the task videos from the OneDrive to the application .