Latest Release 4.5.1
 June 2, 2016

Visual Steps - Share a Task

Visual Steps When Visual Steps is started, the how to page is displayed. To share a task, you must connect to your OneDrive account.  To access the OneDrive, you go to the Administration panel.

  1. To get to the Administration panel, tap on the Settings button. settings buttonWhen you upload tasks to the OneDrive, the name of the folder that is created on the OneDrive includes your device name.  This is done so that you can tell which device your content came from.
  2. On the settings page, enter a name for your device.  This name is case-insensitive and will only be used by Visual Steps.

    app settings

  3. Swipe to the left to get to the OneDrive page and sign in.  Tap on the Share button share button

    skydrive albums

  4. The Share page has 2 panels. The panel on the left lists the Local tasks that you have created on your phone. The panel on the right contains a list of tasks that you have copied to your OneDrive account. Every task on your phone has an ID that is unique among the tasks on your phone. Although several tasks on your phone can have the same title, they will never have the same ID. This ID is assigned by Visual Steps can cannot be changed. The ID number is listed to the left of the title for each task. To copy items to and from the OneDrive, you drag them between the two lists.

    Share no tasks on SkyDrive

  1. Drag the Fold Clothes task to the OneDrive panel.  When the transfer starts a status page is displayed and the name of each item will appear while it is being copied.   You can stop the transfer at any time, however if you interrupt the transfer the task will be incompleted and it will not work if subsequently downloaded to a device.  Tap the close button when the upload is completed.

    Share 1 task1 on SkyDrive

  2. The Fold Clothes task is now listed in the OneDrive panel.  If the SkyDrive list has not been automatically updated, you can force an update by tapping the refresh button. refressh button
  3. You can also copy tasks from the OneDrive to your phone.  If the Fold Clothes task on the OneDrive is now dragged to the Local list, a second Fold Clothes task will be added to the local list.  You will have copied the task definition files, the audio files and the image files (but not the video files). 

    Task copied to Local list

  4. When you download a task from the OneDrive to a phone, a new task is created on the phone with the same title but with a new ID that is unique among the tasks on the phone.  Downloads are done this way so that you cannot accidentally write over an existing task.   Notice that there are two Fold Clothes tasks on the Local List, the original one that has an ID of 1 and the one copied from the OneDrive that has an ID of 2.  You can also use this process to make a copy of the task on your phone or to copy the task to another phone.  When copying a task to another phone, you will need to add the videos as a separate step (see instructions for Adding a Video Model).