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Latest Release  v2017.6.1
 June 21, 2017

Visual Timers Getting Started

Visual Timers From the main screen you can start, edit or pin a timer. You can also switch to another timer from the list.
Run Timer on Windows 10

Timer counting down

Run Timer on Windows 8.1

Visual Timer v2.* on Windows 8.1

Run a Timer

Press the play" to start the timer. Once the timer has started, you can either:
  • pause the timer
  • stop the timer
  • interrupt the app by selecting the windows start button When you do this, the timer will continue to count down. When the timer completes, a toast notification will be displayed. If you return to the app before the count down has completed, the running timer will be displayed.

Add Your Own Content

On Windows 10
To start adding your own content you can either edit one of the sample timers or create a new timer.

1. Select the timer you want to edit from the list.

2. Either Select the edit page edit from the hamburger menu or, alternatively, select "Edit" from the context menu for the timer (Right Click on the timer item in the list to bring up the context menu).

Select a Timer

Select a timer

3. Make Changes to each of the timer's features

Run Timer

All the characteristics of the timer can be changed. Changes are not permanent until they are saved.

Edit Timer on Desk Top

Change how the timer looks, the sounds that will play when the timer runs, and if another timer will run when this timer completes.

On Windows 8.1
To start adding your own content you can either edit one of the sample timers or create a new timer.

  1. Press the list button to display a list of all of the available timers list
  2. Either select an existing timer by tapping on it, or add a new timer by pressing the new button. new
  3. Close the list close
  4. Press edit edit
Select a timer to edit

Select a timer - Visual Timers v2.* on Windows 8.1

Edit a Timer

  • Change the duration of the timer by tapping on the minutes and/or seconds button
  • Enter a new title
  • Tap on the picture to select a different picture from your phone
  • Select a color from the list
Edit visual characteristics
  • Record a message to be played when the timer starts record button on
  • Select a sound to be played when the countdown completes
  • Save your changes save button
Edit audio characteristics