Latest Release v2.2
June 9, 2014

Visual Tokens - Edit a Program

Visual Tokens

When Visual Tokens is started the run page is displayed. To add and edit Token programs tap on the Edit button which will take you to a set of tabs used to change features of a token program. The first tab is the title. Here is where you can change the title and the behavior description. Both the title and the behavior description will be displayed on a the Live Tile if you choose to pin a tile to the start screen for this program

Edit Token Program Title Token Tile Front Token Tile Back


The color and symbol used on the individual tokens can be changed for each token program. If a Live Tile is created for this program, it will include a picture of the token. Therefore if you change either the symbol or color of the token for a Token Program that has a Live Tile, you must re-pin the Live Tile.

Edit Token Icon


The schedule determines whether an individual is earning tokens or losing tokens. For example, you could create a program where every 2 minutes, the student earns a token if he has not exhibited a maladaptive behavior (for example screaming) during the 2 minute period. Once all of the tokens have been earned, the student can trade them in for their reward. Alternatively, the student can lose a token every time he exhibits a maladaptive behavior over a given period of time. For example, you could set the session duration to 10 minutes and start with 3 tokens on the board. Every time the individual exhibits a maladaptive behavior, they lose a token. If they have at least one token left at the end of the session, they will earn their reward. When earning tokens, the length of the interval can be variable or fixed.

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When a session ends (either because the user stopped the session or the session duration was reached), you are given the opportunity to email the results of that session to whomever you choose. For each token program you can enter default values for these settings so that you do not have to enter them every time you run the token program.

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