Latest Release v2.2
June 9, 2014

Visual Tokens Getting Started

Visual Steps

When Visual Tokens starts, you are immediately brought to the run session page. By default, the last token program run will be automatically selected.

Run a Session

  1. Select a Location 
  2. Select a Person
  3. Select an Activity
  4. Tap Start
  5. The interval timer begins running immediately and repeats continuously. 
  6. After each interval completes, you will have 20 seconds to award a token by pressing the
  7. End the session at any time by pressing the close button
  8. Tap the email button if you wish to save the results
  9. Return to the run pageto start another session
Start Session Earn tokens

Learn More

You can add new token programs or edit existing programs by tapping on the edit button

If you pin a Live Tile for a Token Program to the start sceen, then the user's performance will be posted on the Live Tile and updated while the session runs and after the session is completed. The front of the tile includes the count of tokens currently on the board. The back of the tile includes information about the person, activity and location for the session, when the session started, how long it lasted and what the performance was.

In the Live Tile example below, for an Earn Tokens Session, 2 intervals have passed and the individual has earned 1 token. The count on the front of the tile is "1" for the 1 token earned. The score on the back of the tile, "50% of 2", means 50% of the possible tokens in 2 opportunities were awarded.

Wide Tile Front Wide Tile Front

To change the values available in the Activity, Person and Location drop down boxes, tap on the settings button . Select the list you would like to edit.

Edit Person List