Latest Release v2.2
June 9, 2014

Visual Tokens Features

A token economy is a system for earning a currency (stickers, checkmarks) that can be exchanged for a desired item or activity. Visual Tokens is a token board for windows phone that allows you to easily implement a token economy to manage behavior and track performance.  No more need for bulky cardboard, plastic chips, stickers, velcro or datasheets.  With Visual Tokens you always have a readily customized token board in your pocket.
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Earn tokens for the absence of a problem behavior

  • The student earns a token for not exhibiting inappropriate behavior during a specific period of time. The period can be as short as 15 seconds or as long as 2 hours.
  • Periods occur continuously one right after another. You can think of each period as an "opportunity" to earn a token.
  • You start with short periods, which means that in a short amount of time the student has many opportunities to succeed. Over time the percentage of opportunities during which the student is successful should increase and, eventually, the length of the period can be increased. This is how you teach the student to go for longer and longer amounts of time without exhibiting the inappropriate behavior.
  • This methodology is also known as Differential Reinforcement of Other Behaviors ( DRO ) and is commonly used in Applied Behavior Analysis programs
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Lose tokens for the occurrence of a problem behavior

  • The student loses a token each time they exhibit the problem behavior.
  • The collection period can be from 15 seconds up to 2 hours.
  • The student earns the reinforcer at the end of the collection period if at least one token is on the board.
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  • Color of the tokens
  • Icon displayed on the tokens
  • Number of tokens available (from 1 to 12)
  • How long the token board will be active (from 15 sec to 2 hours)
  • Length of the interval (fixed or variable) for earning tokens
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  • To make it easy to track where you are in the measurement period, a progress bar fills as time passes and a numerical countdown timer shows how much time is left.
  • The phone will vibrate at the end of the interval to signal when a token can be awarded.
  • In addition to tracking the use of tokens, the board includes a tally counter which can be tapped at any time to record the occurrence of an event of your choosing
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Data Collection

  • At the end of the measurement period you have an opportunity to email your results and save them to OneNote one note.
  • Metrics
    • Percentage of programmed tokens earned
    • Count of tokens lost (prompted and unprompted)
    • When each token was awarded or lost
    • The rate of events recorded via the tally counter
    • Characteristics of the setting: Location, Activity and People
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