Prompts in Your Pocket

Visual prompts are picture cues that help us understand "what to do next". The premise of the Visual Prompts suite of applications is that those cues should be tailored to our individual learning styles by:

  • using multiple modalities (picture, sound, text, video)
  • breaking the task into small enough steps
  • providing as much help (prompting) as each user needs

For some tasks and some individuals, visual supports will always be required to accurately and efficently complete a task (who amongst us hasn't carried a checklist with them at one time or another?).  This is why we specifically targeted mobile devices so that your prompts are always in your pocket.

Visual Timers Visual Timers is a set of customizable countdown timers with visual supports and sounds for phone, tablets and desktop.
Visual Reminders Visual Reminders is a tool used to create customized reminders with pictures and audio for windows phone, tablets and desktop.